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Wrestling in the mud Barcelona- Don’t look any further for why you have come to the right site, the original Wrestling in the mud Barcelona is at your disposal in strippersbcn. We are the direct provider of this activity in the city, if you want to not have to pay more for the same service just call!

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An unprecedented success and therefore you have available the mudwrestling Barcelona. Imagine being with your friends, in the bachelor party of one of them and comes to your apartment 2 wrestling, with their explosive bodies, those curves so forceful that leave without breathing all men in the group, the Barcelona  mudwrestling fight with the stag of the party in an inflatable pool that will be full of chocolate, They with their mini bikinis will come into contact and a lot of heat against the stag to try to knock him down to the bottom of the inflatable, a chocolate to sweeten him but as you can imagine, in the midst of so much hand-wringing, rubbing and struggling those huge bumps that have the wrestlings with those mini bikinis will not be able to stay long in place. ..

Get in the front line row to see the groom in trouble !

They are perfect fighters and will use all their weapons to subdue the groom with their hands, legs, ass or tits, the important thing for them is to win … and have a great time!

I recommend you to have your camera ready to immortalize every epic and funny moment of the fight, which added to these explosive  mudwrestling Barcelona will make an activity that you will never forget !

We take care of everything, from taking the inflatable, chcocolate and wrestling to your apartment or villa, if you do not have we offer a pub with a private room to make the most crazy and fun activity in the city, you just have to worry about enjoying and having fun!
Remember that strippersbcn is always innovating to make your bachelor party a complete success!



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